How you doin’, title reference?

Just when you thought I wouldn’t keep up with this! ROFL, I’ve just been busy with other things. You may say something like, “Oh, hush! You’ve been updating left and right!”, but to be honest? There’s spewing out a bunch of shit about idols and then there’s sitting down with a kanji dictionary and getting to work. One takes a whole lot more time than the other. Still, I can only get better, and that’s what I’m hoping this segment will aid me in.

After the jump: Matsushima Hatsune goes on a bloody rampage, Imai Yu attempts to eat an entire jumbo parfait in one sitting, and that’s just the weird stuff. Fun times are ahead!
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Too much bad weather around here lately. Well, not that I mind, I’m kind of a fan of windy days, rainy days, cold days… The opposite of most people’s opinion of good weather, ROFL. Summer’s coming up and I’m more depressed than ever. I’m literally pining after winter, considering just going into hibernation until it’s October or something nice like that again. You know what’s the worst part? The new house my family moved into doesn’t even have fucking ceiling fans. That is ridiculous. You know where we live? Las Vegas. Yeah.

I bought a little fan for my room. It broke within one day because it was fucking cheap and fifteen dollars.

Anyway, that’s enough. Here’s some Lin for you. Trivia: The thing Lin is holding is called a teru-teru-bouzu, a little doll hung outside to ward off bad weather (mainly rain, I believe?). I love how Lin decorated hers, I would totally hang that on my house like a fashion statement or something. Too cute! ♥ Might not be great to have on my blog, though, I’m desperately seeking bad weather.

…Wonder what would happen if I flipped the picture?

Times like these that I wonder why I get so involved in… I don’t know, like, the lives, the well-being of the girls in Hello! Project. I’m telling you, it’s difficult! It is really, really hard. You know, all of my favorite idols usually end up being terribly handicapped in some way, or they have some awful problem, or just… whatever. I always pick the lamest ones.

Just for comparison’s sake, let’s look at what might be considered the more “perfect” girls in Hello! Project. Here’s an easy one… Sugaya Risako. Sure, she can’t sing, she’s got attitude problems like nobody’s business, but these things are all very easily overlooked because she’s fourteen years old and she’s jailbait city. I mean, right? She’s a lead. No problems there. Um, how about another one? Kago Ai, golden girl from the very beginning. Sure, you say you feel so horribly betrayed by her when she smokes or gets it on with old men, but then she comes back and you’re right back at her feet again. Don’t lie.

Now let’s look at my favorites. In her history, Michishige Sayumi has accidentally thrown a microphone, leaving her with no choice but to mime her way through the rest of a live television performance. Ishimura Maiha could not dance for shit. While she is not related to Hello! Project at all, Matsushima Hatsune is the kind of girl you’d laugh at and trip in the halls if she didn’t have some pretty amazing knockers to her name. I’m sorry, I just don’t know what to say. All I can tell you is the truth.

This has created a pretty bad habit of… I guess you’d call it “mothering from afar.” And a majority of these girls are either older than me or nearly my age, but I just can’t help it. They need help. To my credit? This is usually, for the most part, a joke. I feel the “aww” reaction, but I do not act upon it… because I’m in the fucking United States.

However. (And this is the first of many times that I’ll say it, but this is the hardest thing…) This is the first time that I have, for real, felt that mothering instinct in full force. Like, “Bitches, get out of my way! Move, motherfucker! My baby needs me!” It is seriously hard.

Oh, Kanna. You’re breaking my heart.
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All right, CJ Reina fans aren’t going to like this one. Just treat it like a pic spam, Reina-digging peeps! That’s all I ask!

For a long time, I’ve felt something strange about Reina. No, it was not a girl crush. Stop it, I’m addressing that in the next post. In any case, when I finally saw a backstage clip of Sayu and Reina, it all came together. Sayu was the one with the crush!

…No, I’m just fucking up my own post now. In short: Discussing each other’s hair, Sayu asked to touch Reina’s. Her fingers ventured towards the mess atop Reina’s head. They made contact. A disgusted expression flashed across her face for a millisecond of a moment before they changed the subject. It was awkward, but revealing.

Reina has awful, damaged hair and it grosses me and Sayu out.
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Didn’t I say she needed more love? Qian Lin, everybody. This is her corner on my blog!

As for the title, Lin is made up of equal parts “cute” and “badass.” Thus, the combination of the two results as so.

Lin interests me, primarily, because of her many connections to the Chinese entertainment industry. In fact, her Wiki.thePPN page states that she was discovered when she was in the second grade, and, when you put that general information all together, she has been working as a talent for the past ten years. Consider not only that, but the fact that Morning Musume itself celebrated its ten year anniversary all throughout 2007, and that’s downright amazing. She has had more concrete experience as an entertainer than anyone in Morning Musume right now, and for that, I think she’s a gift.

Plus, she’s a bang-up performer, and she’s hilarious on HaroMoni@ — honestly, I stand by my opinion that Lin is best presented in animated gif form, and I may put some of them here. There are so many things to love here, people. Please, pick one. She deserves it! Both pandas need love!

Oh, God. I knew there was a reason why I had been trying to stay away from La Blogosphere, and this is it. In a Berryz Koubou ranking post, long-ignored former member Ishimura Maiha gets this lovely little bit of acknowledgment: Uh…….who?

When the blogger moves on to ℃-ute and whines about Murakami Megumi like they all do, they receive this input from Intl. Wota: It breaks my heart reading about yet another dismayed Megumi fan. The post is stamped with another casually tossed out “recommended reading” tag and everyone moves on, but I’m still left here, thinking, “Why?”
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S’up, blog?! Well, now that I’ve introduced myself, I’m kind of trying to figure out where I want to go with this. There are several small segments I’d like to include, but as far as actual content goes, I feel like I might write too seriously compared to the rest of the blog. But what can you do? I wouldn’t have called this place “dekoboko” if it didn’t speak the truth.

I do know, however, that enjoying other people’s blogs is a good place to start! …Too bad I’ve been out of the Asian entertainment blogosphere for awhile. There are a few blogs that I read regularly and all of them are run by various Japanese idols. True, I’m not so fluent yet, but I thought it would be fun to try to give summaries of their posts here as a regular segment. After all, the only time idol blogs seem to be translated is when it’s a life or death situation (Goto Maki, Kago Ai?), and they’re all really entertaining reads.

The blogs I tend to read, in order of how often I check them, are Matsushima Hatsune’s, Imai Yu’s, Mizuno Manabi’s, Kaikawa Hitomi’s and a very new addition, Ishiguro Aya’s. Yes, that Ishiguro Aya. As well, Imai Yu is a graduated member of AKB48. Here’s a very quick, very short overview of each blog!
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